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You Gotta Watch Baseball Punks

Another All-Star Game Weekend is in the books, with MLB trotting out all its fun and games like the Home Run Derby and Celebrity Softball that the league hopes will lure young viewers. And MLB needs young viewers.

Compared to the other major sports, the MLB audience looks like a country club that most people don’t belong to — it’s old, male and white. Half the MLB fans are over 50, and many look remarkably like commissioner Bud Selig.

The NBA crowd, on the other hand, looks like the blueprint that President Obama used to get elected: demographics split in quarters from young people to older people, multiracial, many more women.

MLB has been trying to address this with Fan Caves and social media, but they’ve got some work to do. They could start by really trying to get the length of games down, so a kid could actually see the ninth inning before bedtime, but I’m just dreaming.

In the meantime, we’ve got a marketing song that we think that commish Selig and his cronies could use to get the attention of the young folks. It seems like something he just might do. Click on the song “Watch Baseball Punk” in the player below. Enjoy and remember its FREE TO DOWNLOAD.

Watch Baseball Punk
Hey punk, don’t want to watch baseball?
It’s an old man’s game, you say?
Well, I’m here to tell you all
It’s the best way to spend a day

You won’t freeze your ass off like the NFL
Forget the cheerleaders, check out the clientele
Girls in next to nothing, do some people watching
Maybe the kiss cam is your thing

Not enough punk, still a game for old farts?
Well, have I got news for you
You ain’t so smart, where to start
Let me give you a clue

Watch the last two minutes of the NBA
The world can have soccer and hockey’s lame
But if you wanna waste a day, there’s really only one way
It’s baseball in the USA

© 2104 Patrick Hanrahan. All rights reserved.

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