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What do you think of Russell “pimping” home run?

I had to get up at 3 a.m. on Tuesday for work. Yes, 3 a.m. because ESPN never sleeps. So I didn’t see the end of the Cubs home opener against the Reds Monday night. When I went to bed, the Cubbies were being no-hit.

When I got up this morning/middle of the night after my wife gave me a shove because the alarm had been going off for a while (it was in my dream), I picked up my phone and thought: “That did not look good last night, but man, if they came back, that could really be a sign of something special.”

So wow, after I made my eyes focus — which was no easy task — I saw the score and then started reading and watching video.

After the game, Russell said: “Once I hit the ball, I kind of knew it was gone,” Russell said. “I normally don’t pimp home runs but it’s Opening Night, we’re down, and the occasion called for it.”

So I’m thinking: Is Mike Schmidt going to go on the radio and call out Russell for his celebration? What can you do and not do these days? I’m the first person to say it’s too much when a guy dunks and then gets in his opponent’s face. Look, you already faced the guy. Do you really need to get in his face too?

But giving a little Sammy Sosa jump, clapping your hands? Is that too much? Ever been to a Little League game? Those kids lose their minds over big plays.

The Jose Bautista bat flip really got the old-timers all fired up. And maybe I’m old enough to think that’s a bit too much too. But when Bryce Harper showed up wearing a “Make Baseball Fun Again” hat, I laughed and thought that the guy has a point – even if I didn’t love the Trump-esque origin of the gesture. Enough young people are not watching baseball.

Football and basketball are fast and brash. They’ve got a built-in advantage for drawing attention. But baseball unfolds in a way that offers plots like last night – when certain defeat is instantly transformed into victory. The hushed buzz of the crowd becomes a roar.

Those moments must be celebrated. So I ask you …

Do you see anything wrong with Addison Russell "pimping" his home run?

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