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Jorge Soler Debut Lifts Cubs-O-Meter

The Cubs-O-Meter reflects how I’m feeling about the Cubbies at any given time. The name pays homage to the famous Shawon-O-Meter of Cubs days gone by.

How can the Cubs-O-Meter not be upgraded after Jorge Soler’s stunning debut?

This says it all:

That second home run was … ah … destroyed. It would have traveled another 100 feet if it hadn’t run into immovable objects in the bleachers. You can’t really hit a ball much harder that that. And these homers came against the Cardinals. Yes!

So the Cubs meter goes up to “I shaved and this is a new shirt,” but it’s a really nice shirt — how about a brand spankin’ new Soler Cubs jersey. Wish I could wear it at his home debut Monday. Wrigley should be hopping on a holiday with Soler, Baez and possibly the return of Anthony Rizzo from a bad back.

I think Soler has a chance to be the best of the bunch when we compare all of the Cubs young guns. His combination of bat speed, eye and overall balance at the plate is ridiculous. You can’t start off much better than .533/.563/1.267 in the first four games of a major league career.

Pitchers will make adjustments, but Soler appears to be more advanced than Javier Baez is in his approach at the plate. Baez’s swing is a rocket to the moon that when unleashed goes boom or bust spectacularly. Soler’s cut is more like a supersonic fighter plane that can adjust to conditions around it but still unleash lethal power.

That’s no knock on Baez. If he can get a better handle on the strike zone, he can be something special. What about the other Cubs youngsters? Rizzo has grown into an All-Star before our eyes — flashing a combo of power and average that is fun to watch. Starlin Castro has his detractors due to his mental lapses, but he just keeps getting hits. Kris Bryant has had a ridiculous season in the minors, so good in fact that the team doesn’t want to burn service time by calling him up. Like Baez, Arismendy Alcantara has shown flashes of brilliance while also struggling to adjust to major league pitching. But he’s young.

That’s the joke. They’re all young. Rizzo is the elder statesman at age 25.

And the nobody can put a ceiling on any of them yet. I have to let that sink in. We’re not talking about serviceable major leaguers. We’re saying that the Cubs have multiple potential superstars coming up. Wow.

If I was betting, I’d put my money on Soler to be the best of the best. It all puts a big smile on my face. Not as big as Soler’s though.

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