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Cubs-O-Meter: From Donuts To OK

The Cubs-O-Meter reflects how I’m feeling about the Cubbies at any given time. The name pays homage to the famous Shawon-O-Meter of Cubs days gone by.

This morning I set the Cubs-O-Meter to “I need a donut and a hug” because Edwin Jackson is so horrible. This tidbit sent me over the edge.

And then because the Cubs are a loving organization they put EJax on the DL with a severe case of suckitis. There is a Santa Clause! So I’m moving the meter up a notch to “I’m fine, really I’m fine.” You read that like you’re responding to your mom asking you if you are OK after you just lost the big game. Your annoyed and tough and about to cry at the same time.

As for Jackson, I know I write about how the losing helps draft position, but a loss like last night just leaves a hangover that lasts for a while. Jackson was horrible. That’s not even a strong enough adjective. How about pathetic, wretched, putrid. There we go.

In honor of pegging the meter to “I need a donut…” check out this Classic Jim Gaffigan clip.

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