DSC_0104I hate the word hobby. It evokes images of somebody gluing tiny fake trees to plywood as the little train rolls around. I have interests, passions really, and lots of them.

Cubs Fan Therapy is my attempt to express all of these passions floating around in my head, with one thing holding it all together — being a Cubs fan. This Cubs fan’s name is Patrick Hanrahan, and like many of you, I don’t even remember becoming a Cubs fan. It’s been a part of me seemingly forever and is as much a part of me as being right-handed.

I’ve done many things in my life, from washing dishes in a diner to designing databases for a healthcare company. Currently, I’m a news editor at ESPN. That could change, but one thing won’t … being a Cubs fan.

I currently live in Connecticut with my beautiful and patient wife — she doesn’t quite understand spending so much spare time on a baseball team, and truth be told, we don’t really have spare time because we have three small kids.

I help out with my son’s Little League and shuttle my daughter to gymnastics and ballet. I also took up hockey recently because, well, at my age it’s a better almost midlife crisis than buying a Corvette.

Now for the disclaimer: The views expressed here are entirely my own and do not reflect those of my employer. Cubs Fan Therapy may cause headache or nausea. Talk to your doctor to see if CFT is right for you.

I welcome feedback. You can use the comments, reach me by email at Patrick@CubsFanTherapy.com and follow CFT on Twitter @cubsfantherapy.